Top 10 office 365 migration mistakes that you need to avoid now

By: Ankita Paul, Marketing Associate

Office 365 makes it simpler for representatives to work, impart, and team up in the cloud successfully.

When it comes to O365 migration, we regularly see migration projects handled by in-house or outsourced IT departments, but in many cases, this is not always the best move. Unless they have an individual, who has a good understanding of your organisation .

So, what do you think the mistakes could be committed by you? Rather unintentionally, but still? Let’s have a look at some-

  • Leaving All the Work to IT: All too often, companies see a migration as a technical task—they expect the IT team to create the migration strategy, carry it out, and then make sure everything’s running smoothly in the new environment.
  • Not Knowing Why You’re Migrating: Sometimes you don’t have specific business goals for migrating to Office 365 and a solid business case for the move.
  • Lacking a Content Strategy: So, a migration is basically about moving all our files from our existing servers to the cloud…right? No, no, no!
  • Failure to Do a Full Audit: A full audit of your systems is often neglected in office 365 Migrations thinking it to be alike SharePoint migration. That’s where we go wrong.
  • Not Having a Post-Migration Plan: If you think the work is done as soon as everything’s migrated to Office 365, you’re in for a surprise.
  • Failing to Train End Users: Office 365 is a pretty big leap from your existing SharePoint environment. It’s got a whole range of new features, a different interface, and works in a different way. 

Consider outsourcing this role or the whole project to a trusted migration expert, as most organisation will not have the in-house skills established by completing many migrations.

  1. Build a clear plan: A missing plan may bring your process to a halt or loss of crucial data. Having a clear plan, including a worker correspondence plan, will keep your whole association humming.
  2. Audit your current systems: The audits will help you learn more about the libraries that need to be cleaned, better utilization of SharePoint, mailbox rules, etc.
  3. Consider internet bandwidth: Being a cloud-based solution, Office 365 depends on rapid connectivity with vigorous data transfer capacity. Brands with low data transfer capacity and a moderate association will be off guard after the movement; this is critical.
  4. Choose a package: Speak with your staff before picking a package: what do they need or need that they don’t have now? In what manner can a refreshed Office arrangement helps them achieve their objectives, support efficiency, and streamline work process? Picking the privilege Office 365 bundle will help your organization over the long haul.
  5. Include all the impacted departments: This isn’t only the undertaking of your IT office. This ought to be your manager’s obligation to include every one of the divisions that will be affected by the migration procedure.
  6. Don’t forget third-party tools: Even though Office 365 is a hearty software suite, numerous associations still use other outsider apparatuses or other office additional items, running from Microsoft Project Pro to spam channels and line of business applications.
  7. Pilot testing: Before moving Office 365 out to your entire association, play out a pilot introduction gathering. This will enable you to distinguish association explicit “gotchas.” Moreover, since cell phone and tablet reconfiguration is required, you can set up procedures during the pilot movement to help representatives after the full take off.
  8. User Training: Getting Office 365 fully operational is the most troublesome piece of a migration, neglecting to appropriately prepare staff, particularly on real changes in day by day usefulness, can hinder operations of any company. Appropriate preparations will keep business running smoothly, while allowing the team to find out about new apparatuses, for example, Microsoft Teams and OneNote to improve their efficiency.
  9. DIY migrations: Theoretically, migrating to Office 365 is a genuinely necessary and transparent process. However, what numerous brands find when they migrate themselves is that the procedure is considerably more troublesome than anticipated. Having said this, hiring a migration partner should always be the first preference.
  10. A Post – Migration Plan: Your post-migration plan needs to include new admin plans, monitoring, strategy, auditing, and archiving, too.

These were few out of the many considerations. Having said this, taking expert opinion is always a plus before you plan to migrate to office 365.

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Teaming up for Microsoft Teams?

Indira Ghosh, Marketing Executive

Microsoft announced Teams at an event in New York and launched the service worldwide on 14 March 2017.  The new tool for team collaboration is available to Office 365 business customers in 181 markets and 19 languages. Office 365 is designed to meet the unique work style of every group with purpose-built integrated applications. Are you Game for MS Teams?

What you Need to know:

500,000+ Organizations use Teams. 91 Fortune 100 companies use Teams. 44 Languages are Supported in Teams.150 Customers have 10,000 or more Active users.

What exactly is Microsoft Teams?

  • A “Super App” for people to communicate, collaborate and ultimately work.
  • A chat-based collaboration tool to help improve transparency across projects.
  • Boost collaboration and move faster from conversation to action.

Or Hand-picked top Microsoft Teams Features

  • Fully integrated with Office 365 – As another Microsoft product, Teams of course integrates beautifully with Office 365, which is perfect if you’re already using that for your business.
  • Participate in white boarding from afar with Microsoft Teams Rooms – Teams provides a wonderful meeting experience for those who can’t be in the room.  “content camera” feature—this technology will detect the whiteboard in the room, crop and frame it, and share the content with remote participants.
  • Keep your team secure – Get end-to-end security, administrative control, and compliance all powered by Office 365.
  • Collaborate live in real time – Complete work in real time with your colleagues as you chat together and work on files through Teams, rather than taking turns and emailing updates and having multiple versions of everything.
  • Collaborate with vendors suppliers and clients – You can even invite chat users from outside your organisation using their direct email. They will be tagged as ‘guest’ users, but this is a great functionality for communicating with vendors or other third parties.
  • Customisation for each team – It offers the ability for teams to customise the experience to meet their specific needs. Team members can create channels to organise conversations by topic.
  • Hub – Teams offers a common shared work space for various applications including PowerPoint, Excel, Word, SharePoint, Planner, Power BI and Delve.
  • Mobile Audio & Video Capabilities – Available on both Android and iOS, Teams provides an easy-to-use app that allows you to chat with your team via text, have a voice conversation or conduct video meeting.

How will businesses Benefit from moving to MS Teams?

  • Combined within Office 365 & MS Teams.
  • Smooth, business-wide call routing.
  • Powerful solution that supplants on-premises PBX systems.
  • One application for easier solutions and support.

This is an unbelievable amount of features, and really it doesn’t come close to covering just how useful and beneficial this will be for your teams at work. When it comes down to it, Microsoft Teams is a huge bonus for workplaces already working with Office 365 and supports all your collaborative needs with ease.

If you require a hand to setup Teams or Office 365 give us a call at 914-355-5800!