On April 2, 2018, Microsoft conferred the Silver Competency for Communications to Computer Solutions East, Inc. (CSE). For CSE, this competency is not just a certification to hang on the wall but it is proof of their expertise and their ability to extend Microsoft’s offers to their clients. CSE is a Microsoft Gold Partner, and a part of the prestigious Microsoft Partner Network that engages businesses and enterprises to integrate solutions into their processes and workflows. CSE continues their commitment to become proficient in all aspects of Microsoft offerings. 

The communications competency shows that CSE has reached a certain level of mastery of Skype for Business, Microsoft’s business communication tool with voice, chat, and audio-video conference capabilities, to be able to technically deliver calls, messaging, and conferences.

 “I really got excited when we received the news that we are now recognized by Microsoft for the Silver Competency for Communications. As the head of the sales department, I firmly believe on how a communications tool like Skype For Business can bolster the customer buying journey. We have been attending to sales needs and client meetings through this application. We believe in SFB and we use it,” Victor Sai, Sales Manager of CSE, said.

Starting this month off right, CSE aims to gain the gold competency for communications soon, together with their members who have been active and knowledgeable users of Skype for Business.

About Computer Solutions East, Inc.

Computer Solutions East is a full-service software licensing, network services, and support provider. Their services include software license acquisition and management, Lync and Exchange Online Migration, cloud computing, servers and hosting services. Their expertise with Office 365 includes a unique understanding of aligning Microsoft Exchange Online for business environments, as well as, SharePoint Online. They concentrate heavily on software licenses through volume licensing and Office 365. They have migrated thousands of users to Microsoft’s Cloud.

Computer Solutions East is a Tier 1 Managed Microsoft Partner that has been working with Microsoft Hosted Exchange, SharePoint, and Cloud products since 2007, starting with their Business Productivity Online Suite (Exchange / SharePoint / Lync 2007). CSE was the winner of the 2016 East Region Renewal/Annuity Partner of the Year Award. They are also Gold and Silver certified for services on volume licensing, Office 365, Azure Migrations (Small and Large), and Dynamics CRM.

Awards and Accomplishments:

Winner: 2016 Partner of the Year Award (East Region – Renewal / Annuity)

Finalist:  2016 NY Metro Partner of the Year

Finalist:  2016 NY Metro Cloud Partner of the Year

Finalist:  2015 NY Metro Partner of the Year

Finalist:  2015 NY Metro Cloud Partner of the Year

Winner:  2013 East Region TOP VAR Partner of the Year Award

Finalist:  2013 Small Business Partner of the Year

Ingram Micro SMB 500 (2013, 2015)

Inc. 5000 (2015, 2016, 2017)

CRN MSP 500 (2014, 2016, 2018)

CRN Pioneer 250 (2016, 2017,2018)

CRN Next-Gen 250 (2016, 2017)

Tech Elite 250 (2017,2018)

Technology solutions that make sense for your business:

Microsoft Volume Licensing Services Sales

Microsoft Office 365 (Migration & Licensing)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Deployment and Customization

Azure: improve performance and consolidate resources. Let Microsoft take care of your servers

Application Development: websites, quote to order automation, Netbook, Vendor XML integration with shopping cart

Fixed Monthly Contracts: 24/7 service with predictable monthly payments

Cisco Network and Telephone: WAN, LAN, VPN, Wireless, and VoIP


On March 22, 2018, SamSam Ransomware infested the computers of the local government unit of the City of Atlanta. They have immediately notified citizens via their Twitter account admitting that they were experiencing “outages on various customer-facing applications”; as reported by CNN. The Mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms, faced the media to explain how they were dealing with the cyberattack.

SamSam, a ransomware, has penetrated local government of Atlanta’s servers. As reported by CBS46, during the SamSam infestation, the computer monitor showed the instructions of the perpetrators who were asking them to pay 6 bitcoins for all their computers, for a total value of $51,000.00 as ransom to remove the encryption of their data. After that, a decryption software will be sent.

 Tracking SamSam Ransomware and its Damage to Atlanta Government 

As observed in the previous cyberattacks of the SamSam ransomware, a pattern has emerged showing that it is most likely focused on government institutions. Thus, the basic services to the citizens are jeopardized.

In the state of Georgia, Atlanta city has a huge population. Atlanta is reported to have a 2018 density of 1,423/km² based from the statistics of “World Population Review” which shows the impact of cyber-attacks in the government. The services to citizens are primarily affected. The public wi-fi in Hartsfield Jackson International Airport was also suspended temporarily to prevent further data privacy threats, according to AJC’s report.

Incidents of Samsam cyberattack must be strictly monitored, as it clearly knows its easiest target with the biggest impact is the government.


Customer privacy has been a long-time concern: from ransomware attacks to illegal encryption of files to data breach. It has been over a year since the news of the implementation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Whether or not your business is located in the European Union (EU), possessing the identification of data of your customers who are EU citizens gives you the responsibility of fully complying with the GDPR because data protection is a clear issue of privacy and security.

Microsoft keeps its partners duly informed about all aspects of GDPR since they carry the brand and product line; thus they must remain faithful to its quality service. Microsoft has Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, Microsoft Azure, SQL, Windows Server, and Windows that comprise a compact security-induced toolkit for the customer.

“Do-it-yourself” assessments on your customer database to check if you are fully GDPR compliant may come off as risky since you may have missed out on important details. A GDPR assessment from a registered service provider like Computer Solutions East, Inc., a Microsoft partner, is a safer choice to as a responsible data holder for your customers’ data.

As Microsoft reminds its partners, GDPR’s full blast implementation will be on May 25,2018, which means that organizations that do not comply can be penalized for not ensuring optimized privacy of customers’ information.


Back in the Microsoft Inspire 2017, Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella repeatedly mentioned about digital transformation of business through the use of Dynamics 365. More than one year since its launch, it has been living up its promise of digital transformation in different industries by launching updates that trim down processes via sourcing out third platforms to execute marketing strategies (ex. sending out newsletters and posting various content).

Microsoft has released an electronic journal titled “Dynamics 365: Spring ’18 Release Notes The Next Step in Your Digital Transformation”, containing the details of the multitude of updates of the external and internal tools that they have added.

Slated to be out on the spring of 2018, Microsoft will launch another big update for Dynamics 365 involving its marketing and sale respective automation tools.

Microsoft always sticks to the concept of a customer’s journey in illustrating the suggested marketing tactics to be employed. So, to respond to the structure of the customer’s journey, according to Microsoft they have appended in this marketing automation tool:  page designer and in-browser for content creation; portals and webinars for event management; lead management, and analytics for marketing insights.

The marketing automation tool of Dynamics 365 carries different marketing tactics that have been proven effective and stood the test of time. But this time, it was designed to carry copious masses of e-mail, easier creation of form and conducting surveys, tracking leads, measuring analytics, and time-saver and ready-made templates for campaigns.

The sales professional automation tool embeds both Office 365 and LinkedIn Sales navigator to monitor the relationships that have been created, as well as, follow through with the customers that you have recently connected with. Compared to Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise, Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional is a more affordable package made for small to medium businesses.

Still priced at $40.00, Dynamics 365 is both a customer relationship management tool and enterprise resource planning tool.


On April 2, 2018,  Computer Solutions East, Inc. (CSE) was awarded by Microsoft with the Silver Competency for Communications.

Microsoft declares that the communication competency is about its “unique position in the market as a unified communications provider to the business and their customers’ advantage”. Some of the specific skills measured to earn it are: planning and designing, deploying and configuring for SFB and managing and troubleshooting Enterprise Voice. (Microsoft, 2015)

Skype For Business, the business communication tool with voice, chat, and audio-video conference capabilities, is an essential skill requirement to acquire the communications competency.  In an article by Microsoft Office support, it was explained that Skype for Business (SFB) is formerly known as Microsoft Lync. In 2015, Lync was replaced with SFB but its elements, functions, and interface were retained.

As a Microsoft partner, CSE is committed to become proficient in all aspects of Microsoft offerings. As of writing, CSE now holds five (5) Gold Competencies for the following: Cloud Platform, Cloud Productivity, Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions, Datacenter, and Windows and Devices.  CSE also bears six (6) Silver Competencies for: Cloud Customer Relationship Management, Application Development, Silver Enterprise Mobility Management, Messaging, Collaboration and Content, and Communications.