The mistake of deleting files by accident or deleting files with the thought that it wouldn’t have any value anymore can now be revoked. Microsoft Office 365’s One Drive for Business brings a new chance to its users to retrieve files within a 30-day grace period.

“Files Restore”, the name of this feature, can track the changes that have been made on a file through a chart presentation. You may access your One Drive, and search for “Files Restore” to select the chosen time and date that you want the version of the file to be restored.

Users have long been requesting this feature to correct their mishaps on significant files. There are instances when the latest version of your file is not the exact file that you need. Aside from mistakenly deleted file scenarios, previous versions of files that have been later infected by malware can also be recovered. Now files that have been altered, corrected, overwritten, and consequently deleted can be recovered through “Files Restore”.

Microsoft dubbed it as a “complete self-service recovery solution”. It empowers the user to pinpoint the file that they need to review and retrieve. Document versions can be reviewed for the entire duration of thirty days from the day that is deleted. Based on “Support for Office”, all types of forms including PDFs, photos, videos, and others are permissible to be recovered through “Version History”.  

It is essential that the file is still within the “Recycle Bin” and that “Version History” is turned on so that this feature can be fully used.


The seasoned notorious side-channel attacks and exploits from Spectre and Meltdown can compromise the performance of computing systems including computer servers, smartphones, operating systems, as well as, the confidentiality of data.  The susceptibility of processors and chips from being exploited by side-channel attacks that disrupt computer systems have been uncovered but have yet to be completely solved.

Different sectors, such as network and security in the IT industry, have issued advisories on how their consumers can deal with the threats of Spectre and Meltdown exploits. They have also released initial patches that could serve as damage control to the possible attacks to privacy. However, as of this writing, there is no single patch that can alleviate all the damages that these exploits could cause to a device and to the user.

Furthermore, this incident pushed the chip maker giants to convene to discuss the recently uncovered susceptibility that have been alarming users.  Prevention plans are currently being worked on as the industry continues to find the most viable solution.

 The performance of affected computers has been reported to decrease in terms of speed and efficiency. One-digit percentage has been claimed to be the maximum effect on performance. Aside from that, the threat to security and privacy through the invasion of computer memory is more destructive on the user.  

The Windows Operating System by Microsoft has made updates available to lessen the further harm of these side channel attacks. Windows 10 operating system, compared to its predecessors, is the least vulnerable for this attack because of its robust capabilities and configuration.

Updates are highly recommended as immediate damage controls for these exploits.

Manage Security Service Providers can take care of updating your processor and the software updates of your company computers, as they regularly assure the maintenance and strict compliance of your computers; thus, resulting in lessened security risks and damages by Spectre and Meltdown.  





Microsoft has begun its call for the participation of all key sectors to have a mandate or general solution for the recurring problems of e-mail phishing, lockdowns by ransomwares, hacking of company databases, and system interruptions since 2017. One of the notable suggestions is the creation of a digital Geneva Convention where countries will make a pact and gather to create rules and amendments they all agree on that can spare all civilians from being collateral damage of intercountry cyberwarfare

Based on “Today in Technology: A Rundown of Microsoft’s Top Ten Immediate Concerns”, they have acknowledged the fact that as a tech company, they have the interconnected responsibility to respond to global and local issues; even if it may not seem to be closely linked to technology.

Cybersecurity tops the list for tech related concerns. Microsoft recognizes the importance of defending civilians from becoming victims of state-sponsored cybersecurity attacks by involving the whole industry, government, and countries in settling cyber concerns. Privacy, rural communities’ broadband access, artificial intelligence, net neutrality, computer science in school curriculum, and IT sector globalization concerns have earned their spots in a growing list of concerns, as well as, proven to be critical issues that need to be addressed in the changing times. The impact of the effects of information technology usage keep on expanding each day. It is evident from the growing need of individuals for internet accessibility from the May 2018 worldwide implementation of European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.

 Concerns like diversity, immigration, and sustainability may be seem surprising to be on the list but they have extensively shown the relevance of a tech company to take a stand and an initiative to propel changes in those issues. Through diversity and polarization of ideals on ‘#MeToo,’ LGBTQ, sexual harassment and more, Microsoft made its stand in upholding a legislation to provide a workplace that is molded in equality and respect.  

2018 appears to be a strong year for Microsoft’s clients and ordinary civilians whom the company pledges social responsibility to, by being a proactive player in improving lives through technology.


The frequent checking of your phone has been the noticeable norm in today’s smartphone age. The total number of glances and checking of notifications could amount to nearly more than three hours per day, based on a study.

In the April 2016 edition of “eMarketer”, research showed that the average time spent per day on the phone by Americans who are 18 and above, on different platforms of media, will average 3 hours and 23 minutes by 2018. (“eMarketer” is a research company about media-related topics).

Text message notifications comprise the total number of hours spent on phone screen time.

Never miss out on important details on office work when Microsoft Outlook Web App’s Text Messaging Notification feature has been set up on your phone.

This feature is available in the United States, Canada, and Romania. This is yet to be available in other locations. Supported mobile providers or operators for the United States are AT&T, Sprint PCS, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless; whereas in Canada, they are Bell and Telus Mobility; and for Romania, it is Orange Romania.

The Outlook Web Application can send notifications about missed calls, specific inbox rules, voice mail messages, and calendar events on your registered mobile. Significant details such as the person who called, or who sent the message, time of sending, initial lines of the e-mail or event are included in the text message. You must manually set it up on your Outlook Web application account so that this feature will be enabled on your end.

By heading to the Outlook Web App’s Settings, you can click on “Options”; then click on “Phone”; then click on “Text Messaging” ; set up by clicking on the drop-down menus for “country” and “mobile provider”; then click on “Turn on notifications”.

Text Message Notifications still champions accessibility since without internet connection, you can still be notified about e-mail messages from Microsoft Outlook Web Application. However, each text message received and sent has a corresponding charge from the mobile operator.


On its 12th year, Computer Solutions East, Inc. (CSE) continues to solidify its imprint in the IT industry as it continually evolves as a more customer-oriented business.  CSE is right on track for 2018 with its increased interactions within the community. In the past year, significant business relationships were formed through new encounters with potential customers and partners.

Here are the 6 Reasons Why 2017 is CSE’s best year so far:

  1. Migrating more than 100 Customers to Office 365

Office 365 is a cloud productivity suite that carries various office applications online. With the effectiveness of this Microsoft product, CSE has been performing well as a Microsoft partner by  migrating an impressive total of 133 customers to Office 365 this year.

  1. Attending a Microsoft conference and Boot Camp

CSE sent its esteemed delegates to Microsoft Inspire 2017, the biggest annual partner conference, held in Washington D.C., USA, as well as, to the Customer Immersion Experience Boot Camp that was held at the New York Microsoft Technology Center, New York, USA.

With Microsoft Inspire 2017, Microsoft 365 was officially launched and CSE Technical Services Manager, Eric Fuentes, personally witnessed CEO Satya Nadella’s announcement.

Technical Services Manager Eric Fuentes, Sales Manager Victor Sai, and Operations Manager Gerald Villanueva became qualified Microsoft CIE facilitators after the three-day Customer Immersion Experience Boot Camp training.

  1. Gaining Competencies: Silver for Cloud Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Silver for Cloud Productivity, and Gold for Datacenter  

It is important to note that competencies cannot be earned without testimonies from clients and exam certifications from employees.

As an employer, CSE continues to fulfill their mission of giving growth opportunities to its staff by allowing them the opportunity to attain important certifications.

  1. Reinforcing Services: Microsoft Advanced Technical Support and Software Asset Management Licensing Pre-Audit 

The quality of service provided by CSE is further increased by the acquisition of advanced Microsoft technical resources. Furthermore, it offers Software Asset Management Licensing Pre-Audit that guarantees the software license compliance of a business for less cost. So that their services are now made more cost-effective, as well as, more efficient.

  1. CSE Marketplace 

CSE Marketplace is a customer-friendly e-commerce site that allows the user to select the most suited service per type of organization, license type, and categories. It enables the customer to monitor and manage his/her ongoing subscription and purchase. It was successfully launched in July and it has been operating for CSE’s customers since then.

If interested, potential customers can create his/her own account at: https://cseshoppingcart.azurewebsites.net/

  1. Recognition from CRN’s 2017 Prestigious Tech Elite 250 list, and Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list 

The Channel company is a multimedia platform that features information technology providers to small-medium businesses. Computer Reseller News (CRN) is its magazine division that gives out citations every year to the top performing IT companies. In 2017, they recognized CSE as a distinguished North American IT solutions provider and as a managed service provider by including them in both the Prestigious Tech Elite 250 list and the Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list.

“This is just exactly how I envisioned CSE for this year — to be more involved in the IT community, to prove its competence, and to create innovations to serve our clients better. I have always looked forward to this breakthrough moment from our humble beginnings as a small managed service provider and as we have evolved to managed security service provider,” said Allen Hamaoui, Sr. Managing Partner of CSE.

Computer Solutions East is a Tier 1 Managed Microsoft Partner that has been working with Microsoft Hosted Exchange, Sharepoint and Cloud products since 2007, starting with their Business Productivity Online Suite (Exchange / Sharepoint / Lync 2007). CSE was the winner of 2016 East Region Renewal/Annuity Partner of the Year Award. They are also Gold and Silver certified for Services on Volume Licensing, Office 365 and Azure Migrations (Small and Large), Dynamics CRM Online Customization and Configuration, and a Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller. Providing fixed Monthly IT and Ad Hoc Services.

Awards and Accomplishments:

Winner; 2016 Partner of the Year Award (East Region – Renewal / Annuity)

Finalist; 2016 NY Metro Partner of the Year

Finalist; 2016 NY Metro Cloud Partner of the Year

Finalist; 2015 NY Metro Partner of the Year

Finalist; 2015 NY Metro Cloud Partner of the Year

Winner; 2013 East Region TOP VAR Partner of the Year Award

Finalist; 2013 Small Business Partner of the Year

Ingram Micro SMB 500 (2013, 2015)

Inc. 5000 (2015, 2016, 2017)

CRN MSP 500 (2014, 2016)

CRN Pioneer 250 (2016, 2017)

CRN Next-Gen 250 (2016, 2017)

Tech Elite 250 (2017)

Technology solutions that make sense for your business:

Microsoft Volume Licensing Services Sales

Microsoft Office 365 (Migration & Licensing)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Deployment and Customization

Azure: improve performance and consolidate resources. Let Microsoft take care of your servers

Application Development: websites, quote to order automation, Netbook, Vendor XML integration with shopping cart

Fixed Monthly Contracts: 24/7 service with predictable monthly payments

Cisco Network and Telephone: WAN, LAN, VPN, Wireless, and VoIP