Have you ever imagined paying as much as $150,000 worth of fines as a penalty for not securing your software licenses?

Just like any integral product or invention, a software is protected by copyright law.

Software is part of our everyday office toolkit. We install  software because of its capabilities to make our business processes easier and to make our employees more efficient.

As a company, you may have invested in software licenses to operate your business.

This investment is continuous. Purchasing an on-premise software is not a one-time purchase since its license expires.  It should be renewed and updated from time to time; not just to get the newest features but to pay for the service that the product provides. Because your workforce increases every now and then, you should increase your purchased software licenses.

Microsoft defines Software Asset Management as “a reliable industry method that employs a set of secured procedures for handling and enhancing the company’s IT assets”.

Microsoft does software license auditing and once it catches your company, you can be sued.  Getting caught red-handed for under-licensed software could result in not only negative implications for your company but could hurt your pocket as well. Protect your assets while protecting your reputation.

Software Asset Management Pre-audit by Computer Solutions East, Inc. is a damage control service that reduces the risk of fines and penalties, and should be something that you seriously consider investing in. It serves as a first line of defense from a future unexpected audit. Minimize any possible damage by protecting your assets just as you would protect your reputation, and we all know your reputation is priceless.




Microsoft 365 gets better once again. Microsoft 365 Business is an integrated full-packaged solution comprised of Office 365, Windows 10, and EMS. It is built for small to medium-sized businesses that have 300 or less users.

From its initial launch during the last Ignite 2017, it has been adding more features to answer the needs of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and was made available to the public November 1, 2017

Three new key features are now available. SMBs who are still on their way to permeate the market need the tools because they would simplify their processes at a lower cost.

Listing can strengthen a brand’s presence online through various online search sources like Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Bing.  The basic details about the company like their address, contact number, and e-mail, as well as their services are essential to gain a potential lead. However, you don’t need to manually edit every listing on those sites mentioned because by encoding the changes through Microsoft 365 Business, every listing will be synchronized. Also, you can monitor the views through the Listing Dashboard

Through Microsoft 365 Business’s convenient invoice feature, you can monitor bills, outstanding balances, incoming payments; issue receipts to clients; and offer discounts. It also has a mobile application that  makes it easier for you to check your cash flow in real-time.  In addition, invoicing has a tax calculator that can be adjusted to the state where you are located.

Their connections feature also serves as an e-mail service and dispatcher where you can customize your template, drag photos and text, format the appearance, and add a call-to-action.  Launching an e-mail campaign, and measuring metrics can both be done here as you gain more leads from your recipient list. Also, the e-mail list will be updated so you can keep track of those who opened the e-mail.

At $20.00 per user per month, you can make the most of your business through Microsoft 365 Business’ newest features.


Computer Solutions East, Inc. (CSE), a Microsoft partner and an Advanced Support for Partners (ASfP) subscriber, has obtained access to Microsoft’s advanced technical support thus providing premium service to its clients.   

CSE can now provide the perks of being an ASfP subscriber such as: a services account manager; break/fix support; cloud consults; proactive workshops; escalation and priority handling; signature cloud support; presales assistance; sell, deploy, and support services; product support services; product support incidents; and community support.

Every Microsoft partner is generally given support for selling, deploying, and supporting Microsoft products. They provide: technical presales assistance, advisory services, product support and signature cloud support, technical training calls. However, this support can only do so much. Microsoft offers next-level support for their partners who want to assistance for their customers.

Advanced Support for Partners (ASfP) is intended for Microsoft middle-market cloud providers who are still in the process of development to provide better service for their more sophisticated clients. This level of support that is offered to a subscriber of the Advanced Support for Partner package includes: a pooled account manager, remote service delivery, cloud limited hybrid for deployments covered, 2nd priority 1/2/4-hour service level agreement for problem resolution with faster response time.

Cloud services for Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Dynamics 365, EMS, and PowerBI are also given quicker response solutions. In addition, research has proven: an increased rate for faster incident resolution, more active workloads, more active customers, and higher revenue for Microsoft Azure. It has also offered a higher rate for higher deployment, more seats sold, higher revenue, and higher retention for Office 365 and Dynamics 365.